Bohman 703 SWD

Code: BO10100019
Bohman SWD 703 - the robust professional vacuum cleaner of the WD series is a vacuum cleaner designed for vacuuming dust and liquids.
220–240 V
Power consumption
Power consumption
3000 W
215 mBar
Bohman 703 SWD

Detailed description

The Bohman 703 industrial vacuum cleaner is a high quality, high performance vacuum cleaner with a robust construction designed for vacuuming wet and dry dirt. The stainless steel tank, discharge hose, rugged chassis and three suction motors give you the perfect performance for a variety of vacuuming applications.

Already in the base you will find a wealth of accessories for this vacuum cleaner. The standard vacuum cleaner package includes:

    Bohman 703 SWD vacuum cleaner
    complete hose including end caps on both sides
    handle for dry dirt (dust nozzle)
    handle for liquids
    crevice handle
    dust brush
    filter basket with float and fabric filter

The vacuum cleaner can be equipped with variable optional accessories such as a textile micro bag, which ensures practical and hygienic emptying of dirt from the container, or a nylon filter bag, which ensures the retention of fine dirt. The standard filter in the vacuum cleaner is a cotton filter bag attached to the filter basket. The nylon filter will both increase the efficiency of the vacuuming but also prevent dirt from getting trapped on the cotton filter. The Bohman 703 SWD is a professional industrial vacuum cleaner and can be optionally equipped with the "PRO-KIT" filter kit, which allows you to equip the vacuum cleaner with a washable filter, HEPA filter or a metal filter for coarse dirt. The Bohman 703 SWD can also be equipped with a fixed push suction bar which is placed on the chassis of the vacuum cleaner from the front side.

The Bohman 703 SWD is suitable for vacuuming dust and liquids. Three long-life, high-performance suction motors with a combined power of 1000 W guarantee the best performance for extracting dirt.

The Bohman 703 SWD vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 70 litre stainless steel container, which is mounted on a robust chassis. Professional swivel castors are located at the front, while the rear section is equipped with large running wheels for easy handling. The metal handle makes it easy to work with the vacuum cleaner and ensures that you can move it from place to place quickly and easily.

The Bohman 703 SWD vacuum head is equipped with a handle for easy removal of the vacuum head. The vacuum head is mounted on the canister and secured with durable metal clips for easy opening and long life.

The Bohman 703 SWD vacuum cleaner is a quality industrial vacuum cleaner with high suction power, sturdy construction, quality accessories already included and extensive optional accessories to make your vacuum cleaner that ultimate helper.

Technical parameters

Voltage220–240 V
Frequency50 Hz
Hose length2,5 m
Power consumption3000 W
Number of engines3 pcs
Power cable lenght7 m
Suction engine3000 W
Suction215 mBar
Accessory diameter38 mm
Air flow120 m³/h

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