Bohman MS Profi +

Ideal for cleaning rugged floor surfaces in shops, offices, kitchens, schools, hospitals, bars, fitness centres.
230 V
Cleaning path
Cleaning path
290 mm
Brush pressure
Brush pressure
7 kg
370x370x1130 mm
Scrubber width
Scrubber width
370 mm
Bohman MS Profi +

Detailed description

The Bohman MS Profi+ is a professional scrubber dryer with a corded roller brush and suction.

Robust construction, purpose-built design, excellent suction and floor cleaning effects give this machine an edge over competing technology. With the Bohman MS Profi+ you will also appreciate the fact that it is the most affordable floor cleaning machine for professional use on the market. We are committed to improving the quality of life and cleanliness of individual spaces, which is why we supply the machine at exceptional prices to make it available almost everywhere.

With the addition of Bohman's service and the attitude of individual employees, you are also taken care of when something happens to the machine, or you need a quick cleaner or just advice.

Bohman MS Profi+ is ideal for cleaning rugged floor surfaces in shops, offices, kitchens, schools, hospitals, bars, fitness centres ...

Bohman MS Profi+ is simple to operate with three controls for brush control, cleaning nozzle dispensing and extraction.

Two wiper blades - in front of and behind the brush - ensure perfect extraction of dirt from flat hard floor surfaces. This allows you to clean both forwards and backwards with the machine, making it ideal for cleaning under tables or in other less accessible areas. The minimum working height is 200 mm.

The noise level of 68 dB(A) is optimal and ranks among the lower noise machines on the market.

The roller brush can adjust the pressure to match the efficiency to the wear and tear and type of floor or dirt.

The clean water/washing solution and dirty water tanks are removable. This makes cleaning the machine after each cleaning a breeze and takes less time.

The power cord has its own bracket and the 7 meter length is sufficient for most applications.

Coming up:

- Carpet cleaning kit consisting of: textile cleaner, carpet brush, wiper blades

Technical parameters

Voltage230 V
Cleaning path290 mm
Productivity1015 m²/h
Suction engine800 W
Brush engine200 W
Number of brushes1 pcs
Brush speed1000 RPM
Brush pressure7 kg
Clean water tank2,8 l
Dirty water tank5,6 l
Noise level68 db (A)
Power cable lenght7 m
Weight13 kg
Dimensions370x370x1130 mm
Scrubber width370 mm

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