Bohman iC Evo Lion

Code: BOEVO5
Bohman iC EVO LION - is a brand new floor cleaning machine with Intelligent Cleaning technology, where you can clean both forwards and backwards. In addition, it is equipped with a lithium battery for fast recharging.
36 V
Cleaning path
Cleaning path
280 mm
Brush pressure
Brush pressure
10 kg
758x376x392 mm
Scrubber width
Scrubber width
300 mm
Bohman iC Evo Lion

Detailed description

Bohman iC EVO LION is a brand new floor cleaning machine equipped with the Intelligent Cleaning system. Thanks to the Bohman Intelligent Cleaning System, the Bohman iC EVO LION allows you to clean and easily vacuum dirt in areas that other machines cannot reach.

The Bohman iC EVO LION is a small, compact floor cleaning machine with both forward and reverse suction. Our floor scrubber is designed to meet the needs of everyday cleaning, especially in hard to reach or rugged areas.

The Bohman iC EVO LION is perfect for any area where up to 1,000 m² needs to be cleaned. The machine is ideal for cleaning companies, commercial premises and especially for HO.RE.CA. operators, owners of showrooms, shops, surgeries etc. Absolutely perfect and perfect for restaurants, hotels, canteens, shops, showrooms, surgeries, clinics, vehicle showrooms ..

Do you have a shop, showroom, surgery, clinic and want to keep your premises clean and make your customers feel comfortable? Bohman iC EVO LION is the best choice for cleaning even several times a day. Lithium battery technology is the solution that gives you the freedom to clean and with the machine you can virtually clean whenever you want. Up to 50 minutes on a single charge, followed by fast charging to ensure that the battery is charged in just one hour by charging in the machine or externally. In addition, you can buy a spare battery for the machine so you can always be prepared for any situation.

The foldable ergonomic handle with innovative machine control, the possibility to store the machine in a parking position or its easy portability are ingenious factors for choosing this machine.

The machine is developed in accordance with the latest technology. Robust construction, cleaning efficiency, maneuverability, easy maintenance, fast charging, the possibility of a spare battery, washing even hard to reach areas where other machines cannot reach = these are the facts that will help you in your decision to buy this machine.

I AM BOHMAN iC EVO LION - I don't sweep, I don't even wipe - I actually clean the floors!

Do you use a robotic vacuum cleaner, or a robotic vacuum cleaner with a container for cleaning solution and a cloth attached to the bottom of the vacuum cleaner that does not clean the floor, but just wipes and maybe spreads the dirt? You can't destroy dirt or bacteria with a robot vacuum cleaner, or even clean the floor properly with a mop. And why? The robotic vacuum starts wiping up dirt, but until you change and clean the wiping cloth, you're practically spreading dirt across the floor. What about the mop? With a mop, you do mop the floor, but do you wash the mop in clean water every time so that it's actually clean, or do you wash it again in a bucket where you've soaked it several times before? Hm, so you're basically cleaning over and over again with dirty water!

The Bohman iC EVO LION is equipped with two tanks, each with a capacity of 5 litres. That is to say, from the clean water tank (where you add the cleaning agent, attention: only agents designed for floor cleaning machines). The water with the cleaning agent is distibuted to the brush, which cleans the floor. The dirty water is extracted by a wiper bar behind the brush or a wiper bar in front of the brush and transported to the dirty water tank. The tanks are separated so there is no contamination of dirty water with clean water. With the Bohman iC EVO LION floor scrubber with suction you always clean with clean water and detergent and only in this way can you clean your floor properly.
I am Bohman iC EVO LION. I can't clean the floor all by myself, but I can clean it properly.

Yes, the Bohman ic EVO LION floor scrubber does not work the same way as a robot vacuum cleaner. The Bohman iC EVO LION is a floor scrubber with suction that actually cleans.

We manufacture floor scrubbers for commercial, professional and industrial use. This is why we have created the Bohman iC EVO LION professional floor cleaning machine, which you can use in your home to ensure that your home is professionally cleaned in no time thanks to our machine.

Technical parameters

Voltage36 V
Cleaning path280 mm
Productivity900 m²/h
Suction engine140 W
Brush engine100 W
Number of brushes1 pcs
Brush speed160 RPM
Brush pressure10 kg
Maximum gradeability2 %
Clean water tank5 l
Dirty water tank5 l
Noise level63 db (A)
Max. running time50
Charger typeexternal
Weight19.8 kg
Dimensions758x376x392 mm
Scrubber width300 mm

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