Bohman 6 BR 56

Code: B06-21100010
The battery floor scrubber dryer 6 BR 56 is our smallest ride on scrubber dryer. Excellent maneuverability and sufficient space for the operator with an excellent washing width of 56 cm are the advantages of this machine. Sit down, press the pedal and clean the surface.
24 V
Cleaning path
Cleaning path
560 mm
Brush pressure
Brush pressure
40 kg
1350x620x1080 mm
Scrubber width
Scrubber width
850 mm
Bohman 6 BR 56

Detailed description

Bohman 6 BR 56 ride-on scrubber dryer can be manoeuvrable alternative to any large walk-behind machine! With a turning circle of only 1.6 m, this machine is very flexible and offers excellent manoeuvrability. This machine is also available with a range of different equipment,working width 56cm with single brush,66cm with double brush. Compact for easy storage and transport, for example in lifts

1.Just-scrubbed floors are clean, dry, and safe for traffic  in seconds

2.Easily cleanable solution and recovery tanks  

3.Work noise is very low

4.Reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity.  

5.Detail drawing, part number and description are  available for after - sales service

6.Simple operation, easy to learn and  use

7.Intelligent controller, Motor soft start, Protect motor,Prolong battery life

8.Unique headlight design, Make basement and dark  place operation convenient, improve the safety of  equipment

9.Cast aluminum squeegee, rugged and durable, corrosion  resistant

10.High quality parts ensure the reliability and  durability

11.No need tools to replace the water absorption strip, and the  operation is simple and fast

Technical parameters

Voltage24 V
Cleaning path560 mm
Suction engineDC 24/500 W
Number of brushes1 pcs
Brush speed155 RPM
Brush pressure40 kg
Clean water tank85 l
Dirty water tank95 l
Running typetraction motor
Battery2x12 V
Charger type24
Weight155 kg
Dimensions1350x620x1080 mm
Scrubber width850 mm

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